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Bike space on the bus

For those who want to ride their bikes along Unionsleden, Vänerleden, or Klarälvsbanan this summer, there is a possibility to take the bus there or home or a part of the way. This is the result of a joint project between Värmlandstrafik, Visit Värmland, and Nobina Sweden.

Cykel på buss

Between 10 June and 11 August, you can bring your bike on the bus on a large number of the bus departures that pass by Klarvälvsbanan, Unionsleden, and Vänerleden.

The bike space can be booked for free on cykelbokning.varmlandstrafik.se (available from mid-May).

There will be bookable departures on the following routes:

  • 500 (Karlstad - Kristinehamn - Karlskoga) takes you to Vänerleden.
  • 600 (Karlstad-Värnäs) takes you to Klarälvsbanan.
  • 700 (Karlstad and Töcksfors) takes you to Unionsleden.
  • 800 (Karlstad - Åmål) takes you to Vänerleden.

Timetables for the routes you can book bike space on (pdf) Pdf, 252 kB..

Book bike space here

Book your space one weekday ahead on this page. You will get a booking confirmation sent by SMS. Your own seat is booked as usual when travelling with Värmlandstrafik. Be at your stop in good time!Cancel your seat on the same page as it was booked on. You can cancel your seat until departure, but please note that you can leave space for other bikers by cancelling in a timely manner.

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