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Web store – in english

In the web store, you can refill your existing travel card, see the balance of your travel funds, how many days you have left on your travel period, and block your registered travel card if you lose it.

Two web stores

In December 2022, the brands Värmlandstrafik and Karlstadsbuss became the same brand – Värmlandstrafik. The web stores for the two brands are still the same, and you refill your Värmlandskortet travel card in one store and your Resekort travel card from Karlstadsbuss in the other. Choose your store below.

The different travel card

If you have a travel card like the one on the left in the picture, you should use the city traffic in Karlstad's Web store, and if you have a travel card like the one on the right, you should use Värmlandstrafik's Web shop.

Refill your Värmlandskortet travel card

This is where you can refill your Värmlandskortet travel card with most travel periods and travel funds.

Web store for Värmlandstrafik

Refill your Resekort travel card

This is where you can refill your Resekort travel card with travel funds or a travel period.

Web store for Resekort

How to register a new account:

  1. Go to the web store.
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Create a new account by filling in your details and check the box if you want emails for every purchase and payment. (All personal data and account data will be saved according to the Personal Data Act).
  4. An activation email will be sent to your email address.
  5. Click on the link in the activation email to go straight to the web store.
  6. All done! You are now a member and can register your travel card to be able to refill your travel funds or travel periods online.

Refill your card in due time before travelling

When purchasing a period ticket or refilling your travel funds in the web store, it will take a couple of hours before your travel card is updated with the new tickets or travel funds.

Refill your travel card in the web store before 6.00 p.m. to be able to use the purchased product the morning after.

The reason is that the sold ticket or travel funds cannot be registered on your travel card right away. When you have purchased one product or more in our web store, we will send an update on your purchase to all vehicles. It is important that your ticket is available in all our vehicles when you want to use it. Then, when you use your travel card on one of our buses, the ticket or the travel funds will be registered on the card.

Unfortunately, purchases from the web store cannot be downloaded on board the train.

If the balance is incorrect

The balance in the web store is usually updated overnight, which is why the balance may appear as incorrect. If you control your card on an outdoor machine, at a point of sale or on a bus, the balance on the receipt is the correct one. Then the card is scanned directly.

If you come to the wrong web store

If you cannot find your card, you may have come to the wrong web store (right now, there is one web store for Värmlandstrafik and one for the old Karlstadsbuss). Always open the web store with the links on this page to make sure that you open the right one. You can also try to change the web browser or clear the web browser’s history and cookies. We also share our web store with several other traffic organisers in the industry, and as a user, you can sometimes be redirected to the wrong web store.

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